My Career (so far)
I have been in the Professional Photographic industry for 13 years. I started off at the beginning of the Boudoir trend. I have seen the many changes and trends in our industry from film to digital, followed closely by the change to Photoshop from traditional retouching. I have seen boudoir photography go from a few specialized studios in the US to a standard service in portrait studios. I developed my own style and worked hard to forge a path from Hollywood glamour to boudoir portraits.
I have been an owner of a boutique business that produces a ‘Luxury item’ through two Global financial crises. With every shift and change in our

industry and dip in our economy I have evolved and excelled, above all. I have sustained an income from shooting boudoir portraiture through them all. I am now in new and exciting territory with studios across the US and in some very special places like Paris France and Baja California. I work with photographers in cities around the world and put together dynamic teams that supported my vision and we took our little business to a level that was beyond what I thought capable.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Lawrence to start the process and get to know each other. Give Lawrence a call today 630-303-

9920. It’s very important to feel comfortable with your photographer for such a personal and intimate shoot. Whether you are looking for a sexy boudoir shoot, pin up, vintage boudoir, burlesque or Hollywood glamour, our hair and makeup artists will make you look like a million bucks.

For the ladies that want a real adventure Lawrence offers a Secret Hideaway Baja Beach & Boudoir photography session.